Five Tips to Reduce Plant Welding Costs

As with any business, steel fabricators  are constantly looking for ways to control costs and maximize profit without sacrificing the quality of their work. However,  saving money in the long term requires a concentric focus on decreasing costs associated with labor and overhead more than on buying the cheapest materials and equipment, or securing the […]

Highly Complex Curved Steel Detailing

Steel structures have become an essential part of modern architecture and construction, but not all steel structures are created equal. Complex structures with curved and twisted steel members require specialized expertise to ensure proper detailing and successful field erection.   Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing has developed several custom Tekla components and plug-ins to represent curved steel […]

When Steel Detailing Meets Precast Concrete

With any construction project, it’s important that all the parts come together as seamlessly as possible, and this requires strong communication and coordination between each member of the construction team. But the more people and companies involved in a project, the more disjointed this team can become. This is why Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing expanded […]

Guiding Your Team Through Change

A healthy business is an evolving business. As we assess procedures, evaluate successes and failures and set new goals, we know that change is a valuable though sometimes painful process. Even when change is necessary, it brings discomfort. How can you equip your team—in the shop, on the project site or in the office—to deal […]

The Wisdom of Preparation

No one wants to imagine an emergency that would put our workplace and team members in danger, but we must be realistic about potential emergencies so that we can mitigate their consequences. Emergencies that affect our office environments or fabrication plants can be natural or manmade. Whether you experience a data breach, computer virus or […]

Anatomic Iron Cares Foundation

The Anatomic Iron Cares Foundation formed out of the belief that when we work together and combine our compassion, energy and resources we can alleviate suffering and provide help for the hurting. So when Ukrainians began to flee their war-torn country earlier this year, we turned our sights to how we could assist refugees searching […]

Prioritizing Preventive Maintenance

To motivate the people of Philadelphia to put a fire safety plan in place, Ben Franklin famously said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Franklin wanted to protect his city and save lives, but this wisdom applies to many scenarios. Taking proactive steps to prevent future problems is more efficient and […]

Seeing Is Believing

You usually have to see it to believe it, right? You want visual evidence to convince you that something is possible and realistic. This is one reason why offering steel erection animation and project rendering is so helpful. When detailers provide detailed 3D visuals of a planned project, all stakeholders see evidence that the project […]