When Steel Detailing Meets Precast Concrete

With any construction project, it’s important that all the parts come together as seamlessly as possible, and this requires strong communication and coordination between each member of the construction team. But the more people and companies involved in a project, the more disjointed this team can become.

This is why Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing expanded our services to include precast concrete detailing. By having the same team perform both the structural steel and the precast detailing, the overall process can be completed more efficiently and smoothly, thereby saving time and ensuring that all steel and precast concrete elements mesh perfectly in the field and can be erected without issues.

The precast concrete industry is rapidly expanding as more and more businesses recognize the advantages of building with precast concrete as opposed to traditional cast-in-place concrete. Some of these benefits include:

  • Quality assurance, as the products are manufactured in a controlled environment where the process is carefully monitored to ensure no deformities are present.
  • Cost efficiency, as the process cuts back on time and increases quality and productivity.
  • Durability, as precast concrete is weatherproof and fireproof, resists rust and mildew, supports heavy loads and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Versatility, as precast concrete can be cast in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to meet client specifications.
  • Environmental sustainability, as the process minimizes waste and avoids toxic byproducts entering the ground or water supply onsite or at the factory.

The first precast concrete project our team completed was “The Blu,” a luxury apartment complex in Sioux Falls, SD. In collaboration with Albertson Engineering, our team quickly learned the specific industry standards for precast concrete structures, and we were able to use our experience in Tekla modeling to solve rebar conflicts and geometry issues, ensuring that the building could be erected within the schedule.

More recently, we have been working on the FoundryLine Residences at 38th and Blake in Denver, CO. This condominium complex is being constructed with a mix of precast concrete and steel elements, which has showcased the way efficient coordination between precast and steel detailing can streamline the building process.

Other precast concrete detailing projects from Anatomic Iron include the Career Tech and Education Center at Spearfish High School in Spearfish, SD, and Allison Village condominiums in Arvada, CO.

Our precast detailing services include erection and precast shop drawings; marking plans; wall-panel, associated beam and column detailing; and full coordination between all precast and steel elements.

Contact us today to see how Anatomic Iron can help take your next precast concrete project to the next level.