Curved Steel Doesn’t Have to Derail Your Project

The road to a successful project can be full of twists and turns—sometimes literal ones!

Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing is an expert in the complex steel detailing of curved and twisting steel members. The intricacy of bent steel elements gives them a small tolerance, making them a challenge when it is time for field erection.

How does Anatomic Iron address this challenge? We have developed many customized Tekla components and plugins to present curved steel structures correctly on a 2D drawing. For example, one plugin creates a table of x-y-z coordinates on a shop drawing of a steel element, providing the exact deflection of the element along the length of the piece. This level of detail is crucial to achieve the successful bend of a curved or twisted steel element that does not have a constant radius.

Another key for success in incorporating curved steel elements is complete cooperation and thorough communication with all stakeholders. Working closely with fabricators, erectors, and contractors is important on every project, but it is crucial in specialized scenarios.

Many of our clients have approached Anatomic Iron specifically because of our ability to detail these complex structures, entrusting us to create tailor-made solutions for their innovative project ideas.

One of our most prominent curved steel projects was detailing the Denver International Airport Canopies, two very large canopies on the hotel and commuter train station expansion at the Denver, Colorado, airport. Requiring a total of 2,300 tons of steel, one canopy stands over the train platform, while the larger canopy extends under the hotel and cantilevers out on both the north and south sides. This remarkable shape, along with the hotel, is intended to resemble an airplane and evoke a sense of flying. The canopy cantilever on the south is about 70 feet and on the north is an incredible 135 feet with a deflection at the tip of 4–6 inches. Using Tekla In-Model Reviewer, we were able to create this precise and beautiful piece of architecture that adds a layer of meaning and individuality to this project.

Other high-profile complex curved steel projects from Anatomic Iron include the Orange County Museum of Art in California, Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, and the United Airlines Hangar in Seatac, Alaska.

Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing thrives on creating specialized projects that invoke creativity and expertise. Reach out to us today with your unique detailing needs!