Anatomic Iron Cares Foundation

The Anatomic Iron Cares Foundation formed out of the belief that when we work together and combine our compassion, energy and resources we can alleviate suffering and provide help for the hurting. So when Ukrainians began to flee their war-torn country earlier this year, we turned our sights to how we could assist refugees searching for safety and a new start.

The Ukrainian Refugee Housing Center in Proszowice, Poland, was an ideal location to accomplish this mission. We knew that we could help make this a haven for refugees who needed a transitional home as they looked for work and more permanent housing.

Many corporations and individuals generously contributed to the Foundation, enabling us to fully fund all the projects we sought to accomplish there. With the help of many donors, the Foundation has been able to:

  • Install a full-size sanitary kitchen on the second floor with a cooktop, multiple refrigerators, microwaves, cupboards and shelves.
  • Provide a furnished dining area so families could eat together instead of having to eat in their rooms or eat in an outdoor (sometimes chilly!) gathering area.
  • Equip a laundry room space with two washers, two dryers and areas to hang and iron clothes.
  • Set up additional beds and bedding to accommodate more residents in a shared living space.
  • Establish an additional three rooms in the long-term housing area with 10 additional private beds.
  • Help meet the rising costs of heating the Center as a result of a major increase in the price of natural gas.

These improvements have increased capacity in the Housing Center by almost 30 people to a total of 120 and have also improved the quality of daily life for residents. They can now cook their own hot meals, enjoy eating together in a shared space, and wash clothes regularly, a much-needed service that allows these individuals to be dressed and ready for school and work each day. We have raised over $25,000 to date, with 100 percent of these funds going directly to support the Housing Center.

When Anatomic Iron representatives recently visited the Center, they spent time with the residents and listened to their amazing stories.

Vitalina, a 36-year-old mother from Skvyra, lives in the Center with her two sons, ages 10 and 3. Vitalina and her children slept most nights in a bomb shelter before they finally fled Ukraine by car. Vitalina drove west, not knowing where she could go for safety. When she crossed the border into Poland, a volunteer gave her the address of the Housing Center. There she was welcomed, and her children were cared for.

“Now,” Vitalina says, “we are calm and secure.” With gratitude and joy, she showed our team members her large room where she and the boys each have their own bed, a refrigerator, and TV and storage. She says, “I want to thank all those who gave my children the chance to live an almost normal life.”

For Vitalina and more than 250 other individuals who have lived in the Housing Center during the last nine months, the Center has been a place where daily life could continue and where displaced people could get back on solid ground.

We are grateful to for all those who contributed to funding the renovations and upgrades needed to make the Center a place of refuge for so many. Thank you for your generosity and for the difference you made.

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