How Design Detailing Will Assist Your Next Project

How do you place a value on time savings versus a slightly higher initial detailing cost?  The answer is simple and begins with early involvement. At Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing, our Design-Assist Detailing and Design-Build Detailing services help you cut significant time from the pre-construction/planning process, resulting in major time and cost savings overall on […]

ESTI-Models Save You Time and Money

Steel procurement prices are on the rise with the recent uptick in warehouse and data center construction. For the fabricator, this scenario means spending more money on raw material that would otherwise be allocated to construction processes. Of course, you’re probably looking for ways to keep overall costs as low as possible in light of […]

Fast-Track Screening Facility

When Nucor Corporation needed to fast-track the construction of a 523-ton industrial facility, Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing was able to provide the technology and expertise to expedite the project – completing a nine to 12-month design and detailing job in just under four months! The Nucor Screening Facility project was very unique, as Anatomic worked […]

Anschutz Case Study: When Teamwork Made the Dream Work

With the new year comes the anticipation of completed projects, and few projects Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing has worked on match the scale and scope of the Anschutz Health Sciences Building at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. With Anatomic’s very own Kerry Young serving as Project Manager, the Anschutz Health Sciences Building is […]

AISC Fabricator Certification Brings Value to Steel Projects

Many fabricators have wisely chosen to become AISC-Certified. This is a rigorous process where the fabricator must adopt quality systems, implement specific fabrication and safety processes, and maintain qualification and training records of all staff to ensure a high level of quality control. In order to maintain this certification, a fabricator must be audited each […]

Make Your Bid More Competitive

Do you need to gain an edge on your competition for your next steel fabrication project?  If you answered yes, then you should consider partnering with Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing to help you land that next contract. Today’s competitive business landscape can make acquiring the projects you want more difficult than ever before, so that’s […]