Production Planning—Scheduling the Detailing Resources

At the outset of every detailing project, Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing ensures that all detailing resources are secured and scheduled for maximum efficiency and cost savings to our customers.

Our production planning process is essential to the success of all of our projects—and here’s an in-depth look at how the process unfolds.

Step 1. When a project is released, the Project Manager carefully goes through the project and measures the production hours for each department. The main departments are Modeling, Drafting, and Checking. The production hours form the basis of all production planning and are calculated against the required target schedule in order to determine the appropriate size of the team.

Step 2. Once the team size is established, the initial super structure modeling begins. All of the “Start-Up” questions are sent to the customer to ensure that we understand the detailed requirements and zoning of the project at hand.

Step 3. Concurrently, the Project Manager builds a detailed production workflow Gantt chart to ensure all departments are continuously engaged—with no gaps in the workflow. Our workflow is built in accordance with the project zoning, ensuring that the steel is issued for approval in zoned packages of similar size and on a regular basis throughout the project. 

Step 4. Once the initial super structure modeling is complete, the connecting and light steel modeling teams join, starting in Zone 1. As they complete Zone 1 and move into Zone 2, the model checkers and drafters move into Zone 1 behind them.

From that point, the steel is processed through the departments zone by zone in a “production line” approach, which allows the maximum number of people to work simultaneously on the project with no gaps in the workflow.

Step 5. Once Step 4 is underway, all that remains is to make sure the promised dates are being kept in light of setbacks that invariably happen, such as design revisions and unanswered questions to the design team. Having a well-organized workflow is the best way to adapt to the changing circumstances on the project. This allows us to maintain the schedule despite the various setbacks that occur on most projects.

While each detailing project presents unique challenges, we keep every project on track with our production planning process—along with plenty of adaptability.

If you need reliable, results-driven detailing services on a tight schedule, reach out to the team at Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing: