Save Money with In-House Connection Design

As material, labor, and freight costs are on the rise, steel construction is getting more expensive—which means steel fabricators need to get creative to keep their projects on-budget, and ensure they are getting their best possible bids out to the market.

At Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing, we believe that streamlining steel detailing services concurrently with connection design saves the fabricator both time and money.

Not only do we provide detailing services for fast-track, complex projects, but we also provide connection design services in-house or through our close Engineering Design associates. For our clients, this translates to a shorter, more efficient project timeline, especially on the larger more complex projects where our steel construction and erection experience enables us to provide real, practical connection ideas to the connection designer, especially if this design is done in house by us or our associates, —which means money saved.

Here’s why this two-in-one option helps your project in the long-run:

  • Having drawings and connection design performed under one contract speeds up your project.
  • It eliminates the potential for miscommunication and duplication between detailers and connection designers.
  • Less time and reduced potential for error cut your project costs substantially.
  • You can enjoy the ease of having one point of contact for both of these critical steps.
  • We provide liaison with your erector team, with your involvement of course, and therefore we are able to ensure all connections are designed with the best efficiency both for your shop processes as well as for the field team.

When it comes to procuring the right subcontractors, there’s no room for compromise—especially when you’re on a tight budget.

Turn to the trusted experts at Anatomic Iron for your steel detailing and connection design needs.

To learn more about these services, contact us today!

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We look forward to adding value to your next project.