How Do You Gauge a Steel Detailer’s Quality?

Review Their Training Program!

As a steel fabricator, you already know the importance of obtaining timely and accurate drawings—your operations can’t run profitably without them.

But if you don’t have a go-to steel detailer you trust, finding a quality firm that meets all of your criteria can be challenging. However, you can sift through your options much faster by asking one simple question—

What does this detailer’s in-house training program look like?

While some steel detailers don’t have high visibility into their in-house training and continued education programs, reviewing a detailer’s in-house employee training should always be a critical early step in your detailer selection process.

Here’s why this step reveals critical insights about a detailer’s overall quality:

  • Looking at a detailer’s training program shows you the team’s specific capabilities, along with the extent of their training in detailing theory, methods, processes, and best practices.
  • By reviewing staff training programs, you’ll be able to gauge the extent of hands-on training team members undergo, as the breadth and depth of a detailing team’s experience translates directly to your operations.
  • The detailer’s training program reveals the level of investment ownership places in their staff’s detailing competence and career advancement
  • This step also helps you determine whether the detailing staff is up-to-date on industry standards and emerging technologies.

Carefully reviewing a detailer’s in-house training program can give you a much better understanding of the team’s specific skill set and experience before you award a contract. No fabricator should ever skip this step.

At Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing, we understand that seamless fabrication begins with top-quality detailing services. We strongly feel that a detailing firm’s quality is measured by its investment in its staff’s professional education.

We have a comprehensive and hands-on in-house detailer training program that exceeds industry standards—the Anatomic Iron Institute of Technology. From Tekla Structures software training to holistic lessons in detail theory, we make sure our new employees are fully-immersed in all facets of modern steel detailing. We even incorporate multiple Virtual Reality (VR) programs that let team members experience steel fabrication, and steel erection so they know how our customers use the drawings they create.

Moreover, our training process is ongoing, following each of our employees every step of the way in their career progression from basic drafter right through to senior checker and project manager. We believe in the value of continued education for all of our staff members as they increase their knowledge and experience. The steel industry doesn’t stop evolving—and neither should we.

If you’re searching for a detailing firm that ensures premium quality services—for every project—contact Anatomic Iron today.