Expanded Bridge Service

At Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing, we challenge ourselves to grow and adapt with the needs of the construction industry. Consequently, in response to anticipated nationwide infrastructure upgrades, our bridge detailing division will soon be expanding! With many bridges across the country in various states of deterioration, bridge rehabilitation, repair, and reconstruction will be a major […]

SpeedCore? What is all the BUZZ about?

SpeedCore is a revolutionary development in the world of structural steel framing. Developed in 2019 by Magnussen Klemencic Associates, SpeedCore is a nonproprietary, innovative system that uses a concrete-filled composite steel plate shear wall (CF-CSPSW) core instead of the traditional cast-in-place reinforced concrete core. The prefabricated panels are made of two ½-inch thick structural steel […]

Build Sustainably. Build with Steel.

“Sustainability” has been a major construction industry buzzword over the past several years. As North American contractors, engineers and architects have collectively taken a posture of environmental consciousness, steel has become the go-to building material for sustainability. So, what makes structural steel a sustainable construction material? Here is a brief breakdown of this material’s eco-friendly […]

How Do You Gauge a Steel Detailer’s Quality?

Review Their Training Program! As a steel fabricator, you already know the importance of obtaining timely and accurate drawings—your operations can’t run profitably without them. But if you don’t have a go-to steel detailer you trust, finding a quality firm that meets all of your criteria can be challenging. However, you can sift through your […]

Save Money with In-House Connection Design

As material, labor, and freight costs are on the rise, steel construction is getting more expensive—which means steel fabricators need to get creative to keep their projects on-budget, and ensure they are getting their best possible bids out to the market. At Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing, we believe that streamlining steel detailing services concurrently with […]

How Design Detailing Will Assist Your Next Project

How do you place a value on time savings versus a slightly higher initial detailing cost?  The answer is simple and begins with early involvement. At Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing, our Design-Assist Detailing and Design-Build Detailing services help you cut significant time from the pre-construction/planning process, resulting in major time and cost savings overall on […]

ESTI-Models Save You Time and Money

Steel procurement prices are on the rise with the recent uptick in warehouse and data center construction. For the fabricator, this scenario means spending more money on raw material that would otherwise be allocated to construction processes. Of course, you’re probably looking for ways to keep overall costs as low as possible in light of […]