ESTI-Models Save You Time and Money

Steel procurement prices are on the rise with the recent uptick in warehouse and data center construction. For the fabricator, this scenario means spending more money on raw material that would otherwise be allocated to construction processes.

Of course, you’re probably looking for ways to keep overall costs as low as possible in light of raw material prices going up. But is maintaining your preferred project budgets still possible?


Let Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing help with our ESTI-modeling service.  Our team can build a fast and accurate stick model to generate an ABM pre-bid.  Having this information on hand will allow you to pre-book your main steel sections at the ruling price when you are preparing your estimate (a manual take-off is not necessary anymore) followed by your confirming order placement for the  steel on the day of award, locking in your material pricing and reducing as much as possible your exposure to steel material price increases.

Through our ESTI-modeling services, we’ve saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars on overall project costs. And with the price of raw material going up, ESTI-models are proving an invaluable asset to fabricators everywhere.

Don’t let your business get overwhelmed by market conditions. Outmaneuver them with ESTI-model services from the leaders in complex steel detailing.

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