A Great Money-Saving Tool for Your Next Project

If you could significantly cut down detailing time and finish your projects under-budget and ahead of schedule, would you do so? For most steel fabricators, the answer is an emphatic “yes!” It can be difficult to finish projects in a timely manner when a seemingly endless stream of RFI’s require replies and clarification from various project team members. It can take weeks to receive responses, and all of that time the detailer spends waiting results in direct project schedule delays.

The answer to lost time waiting for RFI clarifications and responses? Our new RFI Collaboration Solution. Unlike traditional project environments where progress can be delayed indefinitely via unanswered RFIs, our RFI Collaboration Solution creates a cloud-based collaborative environment where questions are answered instantly. It was designed to meld information-sharing with practical logistics streamlining and has the potential to save you serious time (and money) on your next project.

Anatomic Iron’s new share environment creates a cloud-based workspace that connects members from all aspects of the project team, including the:

• GC


• Architect

• Fabricator

Whenever anyone on the team has a question, they can simply post the question online and everyone is alerted to the new post. This offers everyone the chance to both be heard and respond in a timely manner in order to keep the project running smoothly. Since this process significantly reduces detailing downtime, there is more time spent getting the job done and less time spent waiting around for answers to questions.

Additionally, all of the RFI’s and accompanying clarifications are documented in one place, providing all users with the ability to look back at the history of updates to each particular RFI. Our RFI Collaboration Solution is Simple, and Streamlined, providing real project results.

Here are just a few of the things our project team members had to say about our RFI Collaboration and how it impacted their projects:

Chad Miller, The Blythe Group – Architects

“Overall I thought the process was very smooth and efficient. I appreciated the ability to speak in person often, and document everything on a shared document. … I think it should be the delivery

method to use in other fast track projects.”

Jim Larson, Vulcraft

“We here at Vulcraft think that this method forces all trades to review all documents more than once to ensure that all questions are answered- it was nice to see all documents in one place.”

Julian Lineham, Studio NYL Structural Engineers and Facade Designers.

“It is excellent in minimizing paperwork and having everything in one document – primary structural steel framing and misc metals.

We’ve used similar tools before, but this document and the embedded links was excellent. I don’t know if the aggressive schedule would have been achieved without this great document control and the twice weekly check-in phone meetings helped to talk through everything.

The success of this process was so good we’ve proposed similar formats for RFI control on other projects already.”

For more information about our RFI Collaboration System or to try it on your next project, reach out to us today!