Construction Drawings: Precast Concrete Projects

Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing does more than detail steel…we can create construction drawings for your precast concrete projects too!

In contrast to cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete is cast in a reusable form, cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site, and lifted into place. There are many advantages to choosing precast concrete instead of traditional cast-in-place concrete. First of all, it provides an alternative to steel which has shown dramatic price pressure over the past year. In additional, precast concrete is strong and good at withstanding everyday use, providing a long service time and maximizing your investment. Precast concrete is weatherproof, fireproof, and resists rust and mildew. It supports heavy loads and requires minimal maintenance. Precast concrete can be cast in a variety of thicknesses, weights, and colors according to client specifications. It can easily be painted or stained as well. It goes up quickly on-site and reduces job-site impact because it is ready for placement immediately upon delivery. Finally, precast concrete is environmentally safe and is made partly with recycled sources.

Anatomic Iron provides comprehensive services in the precast concrete detailing process, ensuring that your design, modeling, and estimating needs are met in order to achieve a successful project. Our skill and experience in detailing means there will be fewer changes needed in the field, ultimately saving you both time and money.

Anatomic Iron is experienced in detailing precast panels for large-panel systems, frame systems, slab-column systems with shear walls, mixed systems, cross-wall systems, longitudinal wall systems, two-way systems, and more. 

For your precast concrete project, Anatomic Iron can deliver:  

  • erection drawings,
  • precast shop drawings,
  • marking plans,
  • wall-panel detailing,
  • associated beam and column detailing
  • Full coordination between all precast and steel elements

Using precast concrete provides a high level of precision for any construction project, and Anatomic Iron has openings in our production schedule to implement your project today. Contact us to meet your precast concrete detailing needs: