Is Your Tekla Detailer Software Compliant?

No one likes to spend their hard-earned cash, but it’s important to recognize that sometimes a “bargain” is actually a disaster waiting to happen. This is especially true when it comes to detailing. You might be tempted to opt for a detailing firm offering low cost detailing services; however, consider taking a step back first and asking yourself why the services are below market rates. 

In this industry, what you pay really does influence the quality of work and service that you receive. That’s because the tools used to provide the best service don’t come cheap. Detailing firms that don’t purchase sufficient legitimate licenses don’t have the high Tekla software costs that legitimate firms do and therefore, can offer their rates for less. 

Firms that are fully compliant with their Tekla licenses will charge a bit more, but they’ll also be legally compliant and supporting Tekla’s ongoing development of the software. In addition, they will have access to Tekla support if any problems should arise. Most importantly, legitimate software users have the capability to use Tekla Model Share, which is one of the most important new detailing tools in our industry. It greatly increases communication and collaboration on the detailing process between the detailing team and the fabricator, especially on large projects with multiple detailing teams.

Don’t settle for less than high quality and honest work when you’re paying for detailing services. Anatomic Iron offers clients excellent service at competitive market prices – and you can rest assured that we’re fully compliant with our Tekla software.