Comparing Fabtrol Replacement Alternatives

As the steel industry constantly evolves and grows, changes are inevitable. In the daily reality of production and fabrication timelines, even a small shift in a standard process can pause manufacturing, impact the budget, and put a project on hold. Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing wants to be a facilitator of progress and enable fabricators to choose best practices, so we developed a practical tool to help fabricators with software changes.

With the recent announcement of the retirement of Fabtrol, a standard integrated steel fabrication management software, fabricators find themselves in the inconvenient position of having to choose a replacement from an overwhelming sea of options. Fabtrol was developed as a material resource and planning (MRP) system in 1984 and has been a staple in fabrication shops for decades. AVEVA acquired the software in 2015 and has announced its retirement in 2022. So how can a fabricator make an informed decision about their next MRP and minimize impact on their project timelines and budgets?

Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing has done the research for you! Our team has developed a free comprehensive report comparing suitable Fabtrol alternatives. We researched 10 software programs that can meet steel fabricators’ MRP needs: Strumis, Graitec Advanced, Romac, Smaac Steel, Tekla PowerFab, Steel Projects, Construsteel, Syspro, Jobscope, and RealSteel.

Our report addresses the services offered by each software package, including the subtasks and functions they offer in the areas of estimates, materials, drawings, fabrication, shipping, and accounting. We address the training costs to setup and implement each program. We include a general assessment of the various costs of each package, including the cost of perpetual licensing and an average annual cost estimate. We provide a full overview of each package and list any special abilities or advantages as well as the necessary contact information for each provider. This is all laid out in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format with incorporated text, which gives you what you need to know at a glance and simplifies the decision-making process so you can get back to producing the high-quality steelwork that defines your company.

Your fabrication shop is unique and has specific needs and goals, so you need the optimal MRP system to suit your individualized estimating, inventory, and production processes. Anatomic Iron’s comprehensive report will enable you to make a timely and informed decision based on what is best for your company’s needs, allowing you to stay on track with current projects and move confidently into the future.

Are you ready to see what MRP is best for you? Get your free comprehensive MRP systems report from Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing here.