It’s Good to Be Reminded

It was an honor to do detailing for the Technology Tower erected as part of a multi-million-dollar renovation of North Carolina State University’s Talley Center, as well as to work with Craig Salabor from Quality Iron and Steel in Memphis, TN. This project was very challenging and involved a lot of innovative thinking, but Craig recently reminded us via email why having the right detailer is important.

Craig considers himself the “brainchild of building the Tower for the Talley Student Center” that we detailed for MIG. From the get-go, we at Anatomic understood the level of troubleshooting and communication needed for the project to be successful. We knew we had to be on our toes at all times and go above and beyond to ensure that we were able to bolt up the Tower in the field as well as keep the client reassured with seamless communication. 

Once the project was complete, Craig sent us an email thanking us for reassuring him about the project, but also noting that “I never doubted you guys would come through for a moment. That is why I chose to work exclusively with Anatomic.” 

This email from Craig solidifies our track record for delivering detailing that not only stands out from competitors, but also keeping lines of communication open to ease the stress and quick-thinking involved in a project like Talley Tower. The bottom line is that Anatomic loves to take a seemingly impossible challenge and turn it into an extraordinary reality.

As Craig said in his email, “It was really simple to come up with the method to bolt the tower together in the field, however, making the panels fit in the field was incredibly difficult. In fact, I was not sure it could be detailed in such a manner that it could be fabricated in panels and actually bolt up in the field.”

Projects like the Talley Tower – ones with aspects that customers desire but don’t believe to be possible – are what keep us moving forward at Anatomic. Although we know that not everythingis possible, we are always shooting for making the impossible seem possible when it comes to detailing. In addition, we value being in the honored position of adding the finishing touches to such an iconic structure.

This approach served us well in the Talley Tower project. We squelched as much fear and worry in our client as possible, not only with our communication, but with determined action as well. We believed in what Craig thought might be impossible, and in Craig’s words: “To my amazement, Anatomic took on the task and made it happen. I have seen numerous projects that were incredibly difficult to detail, fabricate and erect, but the Talley Tower eclipsed anything I had ever seen.” There’s nothing better than knowing that we impress our clients and give them even more than they could have ever expected, as well as hearing that we help projects run more smoothly. 

According to Craig, “The amazing thing is that Anatomic detailed the project in such a way that the fabrication was manageable…You guys definitely garnered my respect with the work you did on Talley.” 

It is most certainly good to be reminded why we put so much time and energy into our work at Anatomic. Our clients mean the world to us, as does each and every detailing project we take on.